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About Facility and Space Planning (FSP)

The purpose of the Facility and Space Planning Office is to optimize the physical environment for our stakeholders, students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University in support of the University's teaching, research and public service mission and Strategic Plan. In order to do so, FSP must first understand the operations of its stakeholders in order to be assured that their operational goals can be physically manifested.

FSP coordinates space and capital budget planning activities with the Vice Provost for Resource Planning and Management (for purposes of space and capital planning) and the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and the Provost (for purposes of master planning).

Strategic / Operational: FSP serves as UIC’s liaison for insuring that long-range operational plans for the University, Campus, and individual Colleges and Vice Chancellors are properly understood and physically sound. This is accomplished by coordinating and interpreting impacts of the proposed strategic plans of Colleges with stakeholders' Operational, Capital, Facilities, and Master Planning initiatives.

Capital: FSP is responsible for coordination and stewardship of UIC’s capital facilities planning for major capital, repair and renovation (R&R), Illinois Bill of Health (IBOH), certificates of participation (COP), deferred maintenance, auxiliaries and health services projects requested through both ad-hoc and the annual capital budget process.

Facilities: FSP also serves as liaison to Vice Chancellors, Deans and departments by providing professional hands-on technical assistance on issues associated with facility and space planning, space programming for the renovation of existing space and requests for expansion space or development of new space. If physical implementation is required, this pre-planning information will provide the basis for obtaining a project cost estimate and feasibility from Facility Management (FM) or the Office of Capital Programs (OCP). FSP will prepare or oversee the preparation of recommendations to the Vice Provost and Vice Chancellors on all space allocation and space programming initiatives within the project approval process.

Master Plan: FSP is the liaison on behalf of the UIC Campus for campus master planning activities. FSP coordinates the day-to-day activities of the master planning consultant, members of the planning team, campus administrators and University Administration’s Office of Facility Planning and Programs.

Our services include the following interrelated functions:

  • operational assessments
  • operational and strategic planning handshakes
  • preparing capital budget request recommendations
  • developing and maintaining a multi-year capital plan
  • updating and maintaining the campus physical facility master plan
  • conducting periodic reviews of the appropriateness of space allocations
  • oversight of all campus space committee’s
  • recommendation, preparation, resolution and execution of all campus space requests
  • processing major space requests and adjudication of minor space requests

Contact: FSP is dedicated to providing comprehensive planning services that aid in the successfully completion of goals critical to the education, research and public service mission of the University. It is our privilege to work to meet the diverse needs of our constituents.

If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact any of the FSP staff.